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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Universal Credit claimant rolling in [cynical] laughter

Rolling on the Floor Laughing on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update

I publish the below with the agreement of anonymous sender who is on Universal Credit. But I apologise for his use of spinal condition as a metaphor. I also note that it was my choice to add photographic image.

The blog post below was originally written in response to 'Universal Credit' vs Shared Humanity

Alan Wheatley


A Universal Credit claimant responds to 'Universal Credit vs Shared Humanity' blog piece

Link to Cosmopolitan article on 'negging'
'Negging' image from Cosmopolitan Magazine.
The Guardian linked article links to separate New Stateman article on
"Negging: The anatomy of a new dating trend,"
and Government "dating coach, Ben Bradley MP, negging the voters."
But New Statesman article does not give a photographic image

Your quote from the old Etonian former Barclays Bank Director and post-Communist Eastern European charity maven, Jesse (not the anti-segregationist African-American opera singer*) Norman, reminded me of this:

I can understand that my ad hominem introductory side-swipe may have a stink reminiscent of the type of unpaid intellectual content encouraged by the social media barons so frequently upheld now as purveyors of free speech/wealth creation/democratisation etc, etc, but that's only to recognise what you are engaging in right now. The reductionist revision of human interaction to behaviourist marketing algorithms.

I dare you not to laugh at least once while reading this link; I still can't see the Charles Manson-Beatles reference without giggling. Of course, some readers may not enjoy Ms Hyde's article; it is likely to be beyond the understanding of those lacking in the relevant cultural signifiers, such as the very young, recent inmates to our refugee hostels, people with severe mental health issues, Old Etonians, or frankly anyone whose memory extends to that period between 1948 and 1979 when "democracy" did indicate the will of the people and not a neo-liberal consensus. By which I mean an era when the Thatchers and de Pfieffels didn't need to channel Churchillian spirituality and dreams of glory days gone by...

But if you don't find the article funny, well, I can only try to persuade you to peruse the comments.  In these difficult times I would be hard-pressed to think of any, yes any, ideology that couldn't find some heartwarming comfort in the humanity expressed within.

* I really tried to find a way to lever in a "Jesse with a Y" chromosomal joke, but then I recalled that Jessye Norman died of a tragic spinal injury. Which only shows how cruel life is... she had a spine...

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